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Empowering Physician Enterpreneurs

Payroll, benefits and hidden staffing costs

Aside from getting patients through the door, the single biggest challenge faced by physicians in private practice is hiring and retaining qualified staff.  Staff performance and morale can have a big impact on the patient experience in your practice, and turnover can be a huge

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Is a “micropractice” still a thing?

The micropractice model gained popularity in the early 2000s and remains a good option for physicians looking to forge out on their own without investing a large amount of capital.  The objective is to create a practice with very low overhead costs that allows the

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Is private practice dead?

The last several years have been a period of consolidation in healthcare.  Many small, independently owned medical practices have been purchased by hospitals, health systems and private equity shops. This trend has caused many physicians to wonder: is private practice still a viable model? The

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