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Experienced practice management and technology consultant leading the dialogue to shape the future of healthcare delivery and quality measures.

Amelia (Coleman)

Bechtel, M.Ed.


Amelia has worked with thousands of providers around the country and across specialties to open new, forward-thinking medical practices and assist existing practices to implement new systems and products to improve their workflow and healthcare delivery model. Additionally she has a breadth of exposure leading HIT innovation across the healthcare exosystem through leadership roles at both top HIT consultancy, MBA HealthGroup, and OhMD, one of the fastest growing healthcare mobile applications..

Her focus: creating medical practices that provide the highest level of patient care by utilizing healthcare IT advances, exploring new business models, and embracing a whole-person approach to medicine.
Prior to shifting her focus to healthcare, Amelia spent a decade dedicated to higher education as a professor and program administrator. Her most recent accomplishment was designing and implementing an award winning Sustainable Innovation MBA (SIMBA) program at the University of Vermont, which is now ranked the #1 Green MBA program by the Princeton Review.

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